October 18th 2022, 16:32 UTC AA6DY is awake. 06:50 UTC K9YO is asleep.

K9YO woke at 01:10 UTC Grid ON50KF just west of Beijing, China. K9YO is flying at an altitude of 12,480 meters, 40,934 feet. Locate and Track has been updated for Ventusky Jetstream, NOAA Hysplit and tracking. The NOAA Hysplit shows K9YO flying to Alaska in 48 hours. K9YO is now in the 7th day and 4th hour of flight.

K9YO last report 06:50 at Grid OM98MW, Yellow Sea China

AA6DY woke at 16:32 UTC at Grid CJ11LQ East of Kitibati Island, Oceania. AA6DY is flying at an altitude of 14,480 meters, 47,494 feet. Locate and Track has been updated for AA6DY with a 48 hour NOAA Trajectory and 84 hour NOAA Trajectory, Ventusky Jetstream and tracking links. AA6DY will be changing direction, traveling east for 48 hours, then start heading north. We will continue to update the NOAA models for any changes.

AA6DY awake at 16:32 UTC, at Grid CJ11LQ, heading east

We’re going to be watching both our balloons very closely as K9YO is preparing for the 1st circumnavigation around the world and AA6DY may be heading to a Jetstream near K9YO.

We’re going to be writing about the Jetstreams in an upcoming post. How they travel, where we find them, and their speed at various altitudes.

Sondehub and HabHub are tracking both our balloons, find our tracking links at Locate and Track

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