October 19th 2022, 15:52 UTC AA6DY is awake. 02:48 UTC K9YO is asleep

K9YO woke on October 18th at 23:00 UTC at Grid QN75IR between Russian and Japan over the North Pacific Ocean, and went to sleep on October 19th 02:48 UTC at Grid RN39RM just west of the International Date line over the North Pacific Ocean. K9YO is at an altitude of 12,310 meters, 40,377 feet. All the tracking information Locate and Track is updated for K9YO with the NOAA Hysplit model showing K9YO over Canada in 48 hours. K9YO has been in flight for 8 days and 8 hours.

K9YO asleep on October 19th 2022 at Grid RN39RM 02:48 UTC

AA6DY woke on October 19th at 15:52 UTC at Grid CJ60. We’re getting multiple 1st packets giving a 4 Grid Maidenhead. We’re also receiving 2 Grids, CJ60 and CJ70 within the hour which shows AA6DY moving east. AA6DY has been in flight for 46 days and 4 hours at an altitude of 14,420 meters, 47,298 feet.

AA6DY on October 19th 2022 at Grid CJ60MX at 13:52 UTC west of Ecuador, South America

On our Locate and Track page has been partially updated. The NOAA Hysplit for 48 hours and 84 hours which show AA6DY general direction east, northeast. This page also shows 3 images for AA6DY, the location on wakeup, Best Guess for 48 hours and Best Guess for 84 hours. When the 2nd packet arrives, I’ll update Ventusky which will show AA6DY speed and direction as well as APRS and Sondehub.

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