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APRS Tracking AA6DY

NOAA Hysplit Trajectory Model Hysplit for October 4th thru October 6th

WSPR Spot Database AA6DY

Ventusky, Tracking Jet Stream Ventusky October 4th 21:00 UTC

SondeHub Balloon Tracker Tracking Pico Balloons around the World

QRZ Gridmapper for Longitude and Lattitude QRZ Gridmapper

Maidenhead Grid Square Locator Map Grid Square Map Locator PM90RI

Tracking QRP-Labs U4B Flights QRP Labs U4B Flights

Guessing the Grid Square on wakeup. To play, click the link Guess the Grid Square this will open the WSPR.Rocks site, enter the following critera; 24 hours, all bands, in the TX call box enter (the callsign), in the max spots box enter 1000 and click search now. A table will open up with all the spots received. click map and you will see the direction travelled of balloon W9BLN over a 24 hour period. You may need to zoom out, center the map and zoom in. On the menu tab look for the 3 lines next to home, click that and check UTC, WSPRnet, show, balloon, and road map, click save map and click save search, then click done. The next time you open this link, it will remember where you were.

Click map on the menu bar to see the general direction of the balloon. Hovering your mouse over the location of the balloon will show a 6 character Grid Square in the upper left hand corner of the page. There are other tools on this site, clicking on the balloon will open map tools, show ruler. Place point A on the balloon and point B where you think it’s going based on Ventusky Jetstream and distance travelled while asleep.

Click on Ventusky above, it is set for the balloons current location. You can change the time and calendar at the bottom of the page. Follow the Jetstream, and go back and forth between Ventusky and WSPR.Rocks to guess the wake up Grid Square.

Please follow the last Blog post to determine when guesses must be received by. To send in your 6 character Gris Square guess, please click on Contact Us above, I’ll let you know we received this in time to participate.

The winner will be announced upon wakeup, the winner gets bragging rights and a mention on our website. Everyone is eligible to play.

If you want to be invited to receive posts when published please click on Contact Us, ask to receive an invite, we will email you an invite. You will then create a username and password, click accept invite and your set.