October 17th 2022, 17:14 UTC AA6DY awake. 05:38 K9YO asleep.

We’re tracking our two balloons on 2 WSPR reporting programs. WSPRnet.org gives us our 1st packet and WSPR.rocks, gives us our 2nd packet. On our Locate and Track page we provide the links to APRS, NOAA Hysplit and Ventusky when our balloons get updated. Under each balloon we’re tracking you’ll find the WSPR spot database, this link is automatically updated. For AA6DY I added another NOAA Hysplit model for 84 hours.

As I mentioned yesterday, K9YO is in an area with very few reporters, actually just one today. K9YO woke at 05:38 UTC at Grid NN65VK, Great Gobi “B” Mongolia. We’re tracking K9YO at 12,900 meters, 42,312 feet. The NOAA Hysplit model is showing K9YO moving east.

K9YO at 05:38 UTC, Grid NN65VK, Great Gobi, Mongolia

AA6DY woke at 17:14 UTC at Grid BJ63EJ northeast of Kiribati Island, Oceania. AA6DY is moving in an east, southeast direction but still slow. AA6DY is now reporting at 14,540 meters, 47,691 feet.

Below is where AA6DY reported awake

AA6DY at Grid BJ63EJ 17:14 UTC on the 2nd packet reporting

Below is the October 22nd projected wakeup using NOAA Hysplit for 84 hours. I’ll continue to update this daily.

I’ve added another tracking link to our Locate and Track page for HabHub to follow our balloons and other Pico Balloons that are flying. HabHub will be discontinued next month and Sondehub will be taking over. Our Technical Team is working on getting Sondehub to track our balloons.

One thought on “October 17th 2022, 17:14 UTC AA6DY awake. 05:38 K9YO asleep.

  1. It’s great to have two healthy balloons circumnavigating the globe. Their longevity is amazing. Hopefully we soon be in better locations to get more tracks.


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