August 4th 2022, asleep, 16:22 UTC Grid KO45ko, Belarus

WSPR Rocks has KD9TPM over Belarus at Grid KO45ko near Karpeki Belarus. We slowed down a little bit during this leg of our flight. On our 6th day, around 5 days and 2 hours of flight. We’re at 10,240 meters, just over 33,500 feet in altitude. This has been pretty consistent throughout our flight.

The image below is from HabHub, which shows we have some company in our area. KD9TPM is center top on the Belarus/Russian Border.

To follow where we’re headed, links to WSPR.Rocks, HabHub, Ventusky etc. click on the “Links to Locate and Track” tab on our website. Sunrise is around 5:30 am where we’re headed, add about another hour for our solar panels to wake up our tracker. Wake-up will be around Midnight our time.

I’ll take your Grid Square guesses until 9pm this evening. Winner will be announced tomorrow morning. Click on Contact Us or send me an email. 73, Cary KD9ITO

2 thoughts on “August 4th 2022, asleep, 16:22 UTC Grid KO45ko, Belarus

  1. Great that we have been maintaining a steady altitude for the past several days. Looking forward to a new day floating over maidenhead KO44gi, just north of Barysaw, Belarus.


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