August 4, 2022, awake 4:52 UTC at Grid KO47hq, Russia

KD9TPM awoke near the City of Pskov, Russia, Grid KO47hq at 4:52 UTC August 4th, 11:52 pm CDT on August 3rd. We are now in our 5th day of flight having travelled 4 days and 23 hours. With a slight change in pressure we are at an altitude between 33,500 and 33,800 feet.

So, let’s start with the contest news, before we get into where we’re going. We had two contestants for Guess the Gridsquare. Luckily WSPR Rocks has a Ruler in the map tools to measure distance from Point A to Point B. What’s amazing to me is that all the factors that have to come into play before we get a signal report. To look at the Jetstream direction and speed and guess the time to wake, and report.

Wendy Berg, KD9RDV at Grid KO76av near Tver Russia and Doug Mulley, KD9TPM at Grid KO34wg near Minsk Belarus. The distance between KO47hq to KO76av was 353Km, the distance between KO47hq and KO34wg was 403Km. The difference to target was 50 Km and Wendy Berg, KD9RDV is the first winner of the KD9TPM contest. I suppose in this part of the world, I have to be careful about talking about distance to target.

We travelled from Estonia to Russia in a slower moving system.

It looks like we’ll be moving a little bit slower, heading south till we pick up the faster Jetstream towards Istanbul.

For those playing the Guess the Gridsquare, I’ve update the Links to Locate and Track page, but to make it easier, here’s the link for this evening Ventusky August 5th 0600 UTC For other tracking hints please go to Links to Locate and Track

For those playing, please get me your 6 Grid MH in by 8pm.

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