August 5th 2022, KD9TPM wakeup over Southern Belarus KO42na 04:12 UTC

We had a good travel overnight going from the Northern border of Belarus and Russia, and travelling to the southern part of Belarus waking up near Mazyr, Belarus at Grid KO42na. We’re holding steady at 33,500 feet in altitude.

And first to our contenstants to Guess the Grid Square. We had 3, Jim, KD9UQB with Grid KO44gi, Doug, KD9TPM with Grid KO43lm and Tami, KD9IXB with Grid KD43qw. All three contestants were less than 100 Km from each other. The closest to KO42na was Doug, KD9TPM at 165 Km away.

Congratualtions to Doug as our 2nd winner for the KD9TPM contest. Wendy Berg KD9RDV was the winner yesterday.

As I mentioned we had a good flight overnight now flying over Ukraine.

Below is an image of yesterday’s flight leaving Estonia, traveling over Russia, going to sleep at the Belarus-Russia border as see on the top of the page. We woke up in southern Belarus over Mazyr Belarus and are now over Ukraine.

And now on August 5th at 13:52 UTC we are approaching Moldova at KN48og. We are now 6 days and 32 minutes into our flight

With the Jetstream starting to turn south and east, we should be catching a faster Jetstream traveling east. I’ve update our Jetstream link on Ventusky for today.

For those intersesting in Guessing the Grid Square on Awakening, please go to Links to Locate and Track and follow the instructions on the bottom of the page. Please send me your Grid Square guess by 9:00pm CDT this evening August 5th.

From Ireland to Maldova

73, Cary, KD9ITO

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