October 2nd 2022, 3:02 UTC, Day 30, near Barchidiv, Tajikstan

AA6DY woke at 3:02 UTC, 10:02 pm CDT at Grid MM68.

I’m still waiting to receive our 2nd packet which would give us a 6 grid Maidenhead and true altitude. With our 1st packet received we have a minimum altitude of 13,000 meters, 42,640 feet. We’ve been flying over 46,000 feet and there’s no reason to expect a lower altitude, but until we receive our 2nd packet, that’s all I can report.

Grid MM68
Barchidiv, Tajikstan within Grid MM68

I’ll update our Links to Locate and Track tab in the morning. This is link that shows our Jetstream from our current location and time, Ventusky Jetstream We’re moving in a fast Jestream, heading east over China.

On our 30th day of flight, having flown around the world in 22 days, we’re now on our 8th day of our 2nd lap around the world,

One thought on “October 2nd 2022, 3:02 UTC, Day 30, near Barchidiv, Tajikstan

  1. The mystery of the missing second packet (sounds like a good name for a detective novel) continues. It will be interesting to see if our spotty coverage from the first lap repeats itself for the second. The good news is of we lose track of the balloon for a day or two, we know it’s likely to reappear once it moves farther east. Hoping for better coverage this time around.


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