October 3rd 2022, Day 31, 01:24 UTC, North of Chengde, China

This is truly amazing, we woke up far from where I thought we would be. We woke at 01:24 UTC, 8:42 pm CDT, northeast of Beijing China at Grid ON81XE. We received both our 1st and 2nd packets and now have our altitude at 13,960 meters, 45,789 feet.

Grid ON81XE North of Chengde China

While I started tracking our balloon this evening, I received an email from one of our new followers, Hisami 7L4IOU from Japan, who first saw spotted our balloon on our first time around the world. Hisami, emailed me to tell me he received our WSPR signal at 01:42 zulu and offered his congratulations on our smooth flight.

Now that we received 2 packets I was able to create a NOAA Hysplit model for 48 hours. We look forward to flying over Japan within a day or so.

We’re still a little slow to get all our data. From what I see, we’re in a Jetstream traveling 145 mph Jetstream from Beijing

I’ll be updating our links to locate and track tab as the information becomes available.

One thought on “October 3rd 2022, Day 31, 01:24 UTC, North of Chengde, China

  1. Wow….! This is unreal….! If it’s gone this far, there is no telling how long it may stay up there! It may very well go around once again.
    Fascinating that it’s surviving the elements this long
    Very good


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