October 1st, 2022, Day 29, Aghstafa, Azerbaijan

Good Morning, AA6DY woke at 5:22 UTC, 12:22am CDT at Grid LN21RC, in northern Azerbaijan near Armenia and Georgia, between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. Our altitude is 14,060 meters, 46,117 feet. AA6DY is in a Jetstream moving southeast at about 80 miles per hour, then picking up speed moving northeast. We’re in an area of the world with few Amateur Radio spotters, but we were able to receive our coordinates and altitude and hope for more readings tomorrow morning.

Grid LN21RC 5:22 UTC, 12:22 am CDT

Below is the NOAA Hysplit Trajectory model for October 2nd and October 3rd, (48 hours). If we assume the same altitude of 14,060 meters, for 48 hours, this is where we will be going. (Calling all Sleuths, see below)

Now Calling all Sleuths out there. What general area will we wake up tomorrow, Sunday October 2nd and Monday October 3rd?

Using the Hysplit Model above, using the wake up time and find Log: and Lat: Go to Links to Locate and Track tab and enter that data into QRZ Gridmapper, scroll in and send me the City and Country closeset to that wake up map point. I’ll post the map and show who was closest to that City or Country.

Use Longitude and Lattitude for direction, wakeup on October 2nd around 04:00 UTC and, on October 3rd around 03:00 UTC wakeup.

We only have a few more days before we wind up over the water and harder to play this game

Please don’t pay any attention to the altitude, just look at the direction and wakeup coordinates on the Hysplit Model.

If you’re a follower on the NIBBB website, just add your comment with your guesses. Others can send me an email.

The Links to Locate and Track tab has been updated for Ventusky Jetstream, NOAA Hysplit and APRS.fi, (though you may see a different altitude, ours is 14,060 meters, 46,117 feet)

Please get your guesses in by 8:00 pm this evening October 1st

Have fun, 73, Cary, KD9ITO

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