September 30th, 2022, Day 28, Near Catania Italy, Over the Ionian Sea. Near Italy, Greece, and Albania

AA6DY woke at Grid JM87ck at 7:02 UTC, 2:02 am CDT, at 13,960 meters, 45,800 feet. The General direction is Northeast, then East. We’re traveling in a Jetstream traveling around 80 miles an hour.

NOAA Hysplit Model October 1st through October 2nd Traveling over the Caspian Sea late October 1st.

Still early to tell, but I see us heading towards Uzbekistan in 48 hours.

The Links to Locate and Track have been updated, if you wish to follow our balloon or other Pico Balloons around the world, Jetstream, Sondehub, NOAA.

Take notes, pretty soon we’ll be taking bets, when we’ll be returning back our way.

We’d like to congratulate Tom Medlin who’s flying W5KUB-112 after 110 days in flight went to sleet over Ninivak Island over the Bering Sea. W5KUB launched on June 11th is now 110 days of flight and still flying. You can follow Tom’s flight at W5KUB-112

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