September 23rd, 21st Day, Near Willits, California and another milestone.

AA6DY woke at Grid CM89IL at 16:02 UTC, 11:02 am CDT. Our altitude is 13,900 meters or about 45,600 feet. A little about Willits, is about 20 miles north, northwest of Ukiah at an elevation of 1391 feet.

Though I don’t expect to be here long, as we’re traveling in a Jetstream of about 60 mph. For those sticking around, there will be a North Coast Comedy’s Fall Comedy Series at the Coyote Valley Casino at 7:30 p.m. local time.

While we’re enjoying the flight of AA6DY, having broken our record of our longest flight in duration, altitude and distance and still flying, we’d like to wish Roberta Seedman a Happy Birthday.

Grid CM89IL 16:02 UTC

From the NOAA Hysplit 48 hour Trajectory below shows us moving quickly across the United States. The model shows a sudden drop in altitude and rising higher then when we started.

All we can say is a balloon is gonna do what a balloon is gonna do, and we’re happy to enjoy the ride.

NOAA Hysplit general direction east

Our Links to Locate and Track tab has been updated for Ventusky Jestream, NOAA Hysplit, Sondehub World Wide Balloon Tracking and APRS tracking for AA6DY.

For this 24th Flight and for all our future launches, we’d like to thank all those that have made us what we are today, as we prepare to circumnavigate our first Pico Balloon. What better place to be as we fly our Co-Founder’s balloon, Michael Seedman, AA6DY.

We offer special thanks to our friends and mentors, especially, Tom Medlin, W5KUB and Ken Daniel K9YO and the group we follow Pico and a very special thanks to Kari and Kent Knebelkamp of the Willow Hill Golf Course in Northbrook, IL who have given us a wonderful launch location high on a hill.

Look for part 2 of today’s flight where we go to sleep

73, Cary, KD9ITO

2 thoughts on “September 23rd, 21st Day, Near Willits, California and another milestone.

  1. It’s fantastic to be back over the continental US, closing in on our first trip around the world. We’re in a fast jet stream today, moving near Lake Tahoe National Forrest.

    Best wishes to Roberta on her birthday.

    I especially like Cary’s comment above “a balloon is gonna do what a balloon is gonna do, and we’re happy to enjoy the ride.”


  2. Great work to all involved !
    And it’s still up there flying….! Who knows…!
    But the recipe worked well, and with a little help from Mother Nature , here it comes around the home stretch and then some !



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