September 22nd, 20th Day, Nearing California

AA6DY woke at Grid CM10HH at 16:52 UTC, 11:52 am CDT at 13,960 meters, 45,788 feet in altitude. Our first packet received at 16:52 UTC showed a 43 dBm power giving us 12,900 meters in altitude. Our 2nd packet received at 17:04 UTC showed 53 dBm power giving us an additional 1,060 meters for just under 46,000 feet.

Our general direction is now northeast towards California.

Below are three images, 1) from QRZ Gridmapper, showing our location CM10HH at 16:52 UTC, 2) the NOAA Hysplit Trajectory model over 48 hours and 3) is from our new site listed on on Links to Locate and Track tab from Sondehub for Amateur Radio showing our projected float path and the other balloons around our location. Sondehub for Amateur Radio shows all the current Pico Balloons that we track.

If you happen to negotiate around our website, please visit Links to Locate and Track All the external links will open a new tab making it easier to come back to our site.

NOAA Hysplit for 48 hours, September 22nd through September 24th 2022

Sondehub for Amateur Radio Projected Float Path

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