September 23rd, end of day, Winnemucca, Nevada

AA6DY has had a nice flight today, waking up near Willits, California at 16:02 UTC and looks like will be going to sleep for the night at 23:42 UTC near Winnemucca, Nevada Grid DN11ib.

I was expecting based on the NOAA Hysplit model that we would drop in altitude during the day, that did not happen. We started at 13,900 meters and ended the day at 14,100 meters, 46,200 feet.

Grid DN11ib at 23:42 UTC September 23rd 2022

Below is the NOAA Hysplit Trajectory Model which we can use for direction, it looks like we’ll be waking up over Kansas.

One thought on “September 23rd, end of day, Winnemucca, Nevada

  1. An impressive journey. When will it cross 87.8 degrees west and have officially circumnavigated the globe? Late tomorrow? Sunday morning? How much farther will it go?

    Congrats to Cary, Michael, Stewart, and Jim. You have all put in a lot of time and energy to get the program where it is. Thanks for bringing us all along on the journey.


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