September 21st, 19th Day, Between Honolulu Hawaii and Los Angeles, California

AA6DY woke at 17:12 UTC, 12:12 pm CDT at Grid BM78QJ flying at 14,160 meters, 46,400 feet.

After spending so much time over the North Pacific Ocean, it’s finally nice to see land. It still looks like our general direction will be southeast for today, then start to move northeast later this evening. The updated NOAA Hysplit Trajectory model for 84 hours is below.

Grid BM78qj Altitude14,160 meters, 46,400 feet

This is the part that will make for an interesting conversation amongst our group. Below is the NOAA Hysplit Trajectory model, the star is where we are as seen above. Looks like we’ll be waking up close to Santa Rosa California on September 23rd near the end of the day. As we travel over the western United States, we may be dropping in altitude to 12,000 meters, that’s still close to 40,000 feet and may only be a temporary drop.

We now have a nice following in this group, please feel free to comment and put your predictions in. Our Links to Locate and Track has been updated for your tracking pleasure.

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