August 6th, 2022 14:32 UTC, Asleep Grid LN52HF

We woke up over the Black Sea and now asleep over the Caspian Sea. We are now in our 8th day of flight having flown 7 days, 1 hour and 2 minutes. We’re showing an altitude 32,500 feet with passing storms. We’d like to congratulate Jim Janiak KD9UQB for getting closest to Guessing the Grid Square just 146Km from the target.

Over the Caspian Sea, asleep 9:52am CDT

As we’re moving East, wake-up is coming earlier. Those participating in Guess the Grid Square, please get those in by 6pm. For information on our contest and how to track, please go to Links to Locate and Track

Even if you’re not participating in our contest, please visit our tracking link above to view, Habhub for other balloons around the world and Ventusky to see wind speed and direction from our altitude.

Till this evening, 73, Cary

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