August 7th 2022 2:54 UTC, 8th day, 7 days 22 hours Uzbekistan towards Kazakhstan

Good morning, When KD9TPM first reported it was on August 7th 2:54 UTC at 9:54 pm August 6th. I say first reporting but it wasn’t a complete report. For us to see all the data, we must receive informtion on 2 sets of packets, on the 2’s and on the 4’s in a 10 minute time slot. For the first hour or so, we were only receiving the second packet on the 4’s which gave an a Grid but not an altitude. It wasn’t until 4:12 UTC that we recieved our first packet, which gave us an altitutde. We were getting such few spots on this leg of our trip, it was difficut to verify where we were.

With that information, I was able to generate a map but decided to wait till morning to see what else we could get. The next two images are from Gridmapper. The location of our balloon after reporting 2 packets was a 4:14 UTC MN31bi, just north of Aydar Lake, Uzbekistan, at 9,960 meters or 32,600 feet. The 2nd image is for one of our contenstants on Guessing the Gid Square

Below is the Guess from Wendy Berg, KD9RDV Grid MN31e over Aydar Lake, Wendy is our winner for Guessing the Grid Square on awakening

Our first images of our location and complete data came a few hours later.

Though our spots are very few, what we do know is we’re now heading Northeast from Uzbekistan to Kazakhstan and in a much faster Jetstream Uzbekistan towards Kazkhstan and still around 33,000 feet

With the Jetstream picking up, we can travel a great distance from here. The active link above Uzbekistan towards Kazkhstan is a link to Ventusky for our current altitude and Jetstream. Which is also updated on our Links to Locate and Track tab, just click Ventusky.

We’re still making great progress with this little balloon package, below is our last 5 days

It’s easy to play, Guess the Grid Square, either send me an email and I’ll help you sort it out, or for those seasoned players, please go to our links to Loacate and Track tab at the top of our website.

Till this evening, 73, Cary

One thought on “August 7th 2022 2:54 UTC, 8th day, 7 days 22 hours Uzbekistan towards Kazakhstan

  1. Great job this balloon! Has picked up a strong fast Jetstream and is holding consistent altitude.
    At this rate it has potential to stay up for a long while…


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