August 3rd 2022, Asleep at Grid KO28ht, Estonia

KD9TPM is now flying at 10,240 meters, just over 33,500 feet for 4 days and 3 hours. We’ve been awake and transmitting for about 13 hours today. We are now just south of Rapla, Estonia at Grid KO28ht asleep at 16:42 UTC, 11:42am CDT traveling due East.

Pico Balloon KD9TPM is receiving 2 packets of data, 2 minutes apart on the 2’s and 4’s of a 10 minute timeslot. It’s the 2nd packet on the 4’s that gets us among other data, our altitude in meters and 6 Grid Maidenhead (MH) Gridsquare. This 6 Grid MH will give us a location in a 3 mile by 5 mile rectangle grid or area of 15 square miles.

To receive our location, we rely on our onboard GPS chip and the Amateur Radio stations around the World that receive our signal. Without a receive signal, we won’t know our location. In some parts of the World we may not receive a signal, which could delay a report for several days.

Keeping that in mind, we’re expecting to wakeup this evening around 10pm CDT, so if your participating in “Guess the Gridsquare”, please get them to me by 6pm CDT August 3rd. For information on finding our location, please go to the tab on our website “Links to Locate and Track”

Launched from Northbrook, Illinois on July 30th, Pico Balloon KD9TPM woke up on August 3rd over Sweden and now alseep over Estonia, 4 days and 3 hours of flight.

Till this evening, 73 Cary

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