August 3rd 2022, KD9TPM awake at Grid JO68ab, Sweden

We passed over the North Sea and awoke over Gothenburg Sweden at 0514 UTC, 12:14 am CDT. In the short time I was writing this, we went from Gothenburg just past the North Sea to Norrkoping Sweden coming up to over the Baltic Sea,

We are just over 33,000 feet and now just over 3 days and 19 hours of flight without a lot of sunshine ahead

Ventusky has been updated for today’s Jetstream. Other links on our “Links to Locate and Track” include Clicking on “KD9TPM APRS” and links within the label will get you a Street View from where the balloon is, handy for those vacationing on a tight budget. The Habhub link will show you who of the other Pico Balloon community sharing our airspace.

For those playing our game. The three countries where we have to turn off our GPS when we fly over…. the U.K, Yemen and North Korea.

Jim KD9UQB thought we would be over JO26,

For those that want to play tomorrow, going to our Links to Locate and Track tab, click on WSPR.Rocks, type in KD9TPM on TX call and last 24 hours, search, click on map and hover the mouse where you think we’re going will give you a 6 grid Maidenhead in the upper left corner of the page.

KD9TPM awaken over Gothenburg Sweden at the North Sea and during this writing the Balloon is now over Norrkoping Sweden att he Baltic Sea
From our first awakening to Sweden total flight 3 days and 19 hours

Now, Let’s see if I can get a couple of hours of sleep. Not easy to sleep when we have a balloon going around the world. 73, Cary

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