August 2nd, 2022 KD9TPM Grid io62bv, 18:02 UTC Ireland

We are now at 3 days and 4 hours into our flight and have made it over Rathnavogue, Ireland. Still flying around 33,000 feet and moving in a faster Jetstream. Our wakeup may be delayed. There are 3 countries that don’t allow us to transmit while flying over their country, Can you name them? I’ll report on that tomorrow. Wakeup for our balloon may be around midnight our time. Where will we be? Who Knows… Who doesn’t like Schnitzel? I Love it!

Actually, the Jetstream tomorrow is getting a little trickier. I changed the Ventusky link on our “Links to Locate and Track” tab for tomorrow’s Jetstream at 1:00 am CDT

I’ll just wait till tomorrow morning to report, 73, Cary

Pico Balloon KD9TPM is now asleep over Rathnavogue, Ireland. Current Flight 3 days, 4 hours and 32 minutes. Flying at 10,050 meters around 33,000 feet.
KD9TPM asleep over Rathnavogue, Ireland 18:02 UTC, 1:02 pm CDT at 33,000 feet

2 thoughts on “August 2nd, 2022 KD9TPM Grid io62bv, 18:02 UTC Ireland

  1. Wow….! That is really traveling!
    Well … one of the countries that may be in our path that don’t allow transmission while flying over or flying over at all for that matter, is Belarus.. Russia is probably the second, and North Korea has to be one in the list…



  2. Great progress. It looks like it flew about 20km north of Cork. I work with someone there. I’ll have to ask her if she saw anything interesting in the sky.
    My location guess for Wednesday is JO26. Looks like we may be taking the northern route over Europe.
    I think Great Britain is one of the countries that does not allow amateur aircraft transmissions.


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