August 2, 2022 8:02 UTC KD9TPM wakes at Grid HN87OU

KD9TPM is getting up a little earlier than I am, 8:02 UTC is 3:02 am. It’s now 7:52 am and we’ve been making pretty good distance. At 2 days and 23 hours of flight, we’re ready to start our 4rd day this morning.

Below is our current location at 13:12 UTC, 8:12am, we’re travelling at 10,180 meter, 33,400 feet at Grid IN19XJ. My best guess is that we’ll fly over Garranes County Cork, Ireland. We’re travelling close to 100 mph as we get close to land and then pick up speed. I’m sure the view is beautiful at 33,400 feet. We may be heading over Germany before we turn south.

Enjoy the Ride!

KD9TPM is flying at Grid IN19XJ approaching Ireland at 33,400 feet altitude close to 100 mph.

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