June 26th end of day, W9BLN

We’re now 7 days and 10 hours into our flight for W9BLN. This morning we woke up near Ada, Oklahoma and now at 00:48 UTC June 27th which is 7:48 pm CDT on June 26th, W9BLN is now alseep for night at Grid EM25FS near Muskogee, Oklahoma. We’re leaving Oklahoma soon and heading towards Branson Missouri at close to 40 mph. The Jetstream will be faster the further north we go, though looking at Ventusky we may be heading directly east overnight.

I’ve updated the Ventusky Jetream for tomorrow June 27th at 7:00 am CDT 12:00 UTC which shows the direction we’ll be heading. Please go to Links to Locate and Track at the top right of our website.

Till tomorrow,

73, Cary

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