June 27th 2022, W9BLN 12:18 UTC 7:18am CDT

We’re around 7 days and 23 hours of flight. Good News, we’re in the Memphis Tennessee area. South of near over Nesbit, Tennessee and heading east. We are near Memphis, wondering if there is a song out there, “We’re heading east from Nesbit over Hwy 269”

While we’re working on that song, we’re still at 29,000 feet and at 16 knots, The tricky part is will we start to head north and find the faster Jetstream, stay east or meander south, Hmm.

From Northbrook, IL south around the Gulf of Mexico, up through Louisiana, and now heading east from Memphis

I wanted to share where the Jetstream is headed from where we are. I updated the Links to Locate and Track for Ventusky towards Richmond Virginia, so you can see what it looks like around there.

I also have that link here 6/28 7 am Jetstream towards Richmond VA

Till tonight, 73, Cary

One thought on “June 27th 2022, W9BLN 12:18 UTC 7:18am CDT

  1. Looking at the Ventusky projection we should be just far enough north to catch the jet stream heading east. Maybe W9BLN is waiting for its passport before venturing out beyond the US.


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