June 26th 2022 coming up on 7 days of flight

At 9:00 this morning we will have been in flight for 7 days

W9BLN woke up this moning near the Chickasaw Nation in Ada, Oklahoma at Grid EL14LB at 13:38 UTC, 7:38am CDT.

W9BLN wake up near the Chickasaw Nation in Ada Oklahoma

We are still flying at 29,000 feet, and receiving from far away. We heard from station VK4CT in Australia at 7:58 am, 13,400 Km away from our balloon.

Will we continue to head north as the Jetstream passes over Chicago, or loop around to Florida and back up towards Nova Scotia, or come around for another loop around the midwest? Click on the Ventusky link and make your predections.

We use UTC for Univeral Time Coordinated so Amateur Radio Stations can communicate at the same time wherever they are around the world. W9BLN has been going to sleep in it’s flight, (instead of sleep walking, we’re sleep flying) starting around 7: 38 pm which is 00:38 UTC the next day. We start transmitting again when the sun’s elevation is high enough to power the solar panels and we’re heard by an Amateur Radio Station.

Our Links to Locate and Track tab on our menu tabs has been updated for tonight’s Jetstream for 6/27, 00:00 UTC, 7:00p.m. hover your mouse over the map to see the speed and direction of the Jetstream at 9,000 meters. I’ve added another link in our Links to Locate and Track to follow the other QRP-Labs U4B Balloons and trackers that are flying around the world.

We have 19 followers on our website that are free to comment. We hope to hear from you.

Till this evening, 73, Cary

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