June 23rd Day 4

W9BLN had awaken south of Pensacola over the Gulf of Mexico at 11:58 UTC 6:58 am CDT at Grid EL66ln and now is heading west about 270 km south of New Orleans. W9BLN will be flying over the Gulf for most of the day heading towards Monterey Mexico. The wind speed is close to 18 knots or 20 miles per hour.

I’ve updated our Links to tracking for Jestream over the Gulf of Mexico for today at 9,000 meters

While I was writing this, we received a Maidenhead for KB9LM, Grid DL88 in the General area of San Miguel, Mexico first reporting at 13:42 UTC 8:42 am CDT. KB9LM will be travelling over Mexico for most of the day at 18 mph, looking to travel near Baja, California, this evening.

We are seeing both of our balloons, they’re about 1400 Km apart. One of the great tools on WSPR.Rocks is the map and ruler tools. Click on the map in the menu bar, right click on the balloon and a menu pops up, click on show ruler and place spot A on one map point and spot B on another map point and play away. Send me a note if you need assistance setting up the WSPR.Rocks program. This is one of the tools we use when we play the “Guess the Grid Square on Awakening” hope to get that started soon.

Clicking on our Links to Locate and Track will bring up WSPR.Rocks for KB9LM.

Until this evening, 73, Cary

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