June 23, 2022 into 5th day of flight

We are now 4 days and 9 hours into our flight and haven’t seen a lot of movement of our balloons, but we are moving and still 9,000 meters around 29,000 feet.

KB9LM has last reported at Grid DL79, moving 2 left and one up just like a chess board. W9BLN is still over the Gulf of Mexico last tracking at Grid EL45xo at 23:38 UTC June 23rd the speed of 2 knots. Have you ever watched paint dry? We’re not really moving in these square blocks, just looks that way.

We have two balloons tracking, KB9LM shown over northern Mexico in the general area of Chihuhua Mexico. Point A is where we started this morning and B where we are at 00:32 UTC June 24th. W9BLN is over the Gulf of Mexico moving southwest.

We expect KB9LM to start heading southwest towards the Pacific Ocean and W9BLN to slowly make it’s way west.

I updated the Links to Locate tab on our home page to show Jetsream tomorrow morning at 8am. You can get an idea where W9BLN and KB9LM will be heading. The Jetstream will continue slow over the Gulf and KB9LM should pick up some speed and direction. I’m really hope that we reach that Jetstream over the Pacific Northwest.

We really miss those flights when we travelled 1500km a day

Till tomorrow, 73, Cary

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