June 22nd 2022, in our 4th day of flight

We’re around 3 days and 10 hours of flight. I reported this morning how far away our balloons are from each other. From what we’re seeing, W9BLN is now south of the Florida Panhandle and over the Gulf of Mexico just southwest of Panama City Beach, Florida, reporting at Gridsquare EL69sx. W9BLN is still around 9,000 meters just over 29,000 feet and traveling close to 20 mph. The balloon is expected to travel a little more south before heading west. Wakeup should be around the area south of New Orleans and over the Gulf of Mexico.

KB9LM is reporting at Maidenhead EL17 which is in the general area of Corpus Christi, Texas. Because we are looking at a wider geographic area for KB9LM, the wake up can be anywhere from near San Antonio, Texas to Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

We expect both balloons to travel over Mexico towards the eastern Pacific towards Baja, California where we will come close to Tropical Storm Celia over the Eastern Pacific.

I’ve updated the Links to Locate and Track tab to include the Ventusky Jetream at 9,000 meters for today at 7pm and tomorrow at 8 am. If you hover your mouse over the area of the jetstream you’ll see the speed in mph and wind direction. You can change the calendar at the bottom left hand corner and change the time at the bottom to see where we may be headed.

I’ve also changed our website menu tab from “Flight Log” to “Earlier Flights”. All of our current information is under the tab “Blog” which will include flights, future plans and anything we may want to share.

It’s truly amazing what our little trackers and $2 balloons can do.

Until tomorrow morning, 73, Cary

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