June 24th W9BLN and KB9LM 9:20a.m.

We just ended our 5th day of flight now at 5 days and 38 minutes and just over 29,000 feet.

I was waiting for KB9LM to receive a report, which just came in at 14:02 UTC 9:02 am CDT. KB9LM is in the same grid as last night DL79, but because this is a wide grid of 70 miles by 100 miles, this balloon can go Northeast or Southwest. If we’re on the north end of Grid DL79, we’ll start heading northeast to Albuquerque NM and near Chicago. If we wind up on the south end the the Grid DL79 KB9LM will head towards Los Mochis and the Gulf of California and a longer journey southwest over the Pacific until we find a faster Jetstream going Northeast.

W9BLN first reported at 12:08 UTC, 7:08 am CDT near the same location as last night in Grid EL55 now back to EL45WT at 14:18 UTC. If W9BLN could find a direction, North, South, East or West this balloon will find the same Jetstream taking it towards the Southeastern Coast of Mexico. This time tomorrow the location where W9BLN is will find the Jetstream moving Northwest towards Houston and then Chicago.

Links to Locate and Track have been updated so you can see what I see on the Jetstream. I’ll be back here later this evening for an update.

73, Cary

2 thoughts on “June 24th W9BLN and KB9LM 9:20a.m.

  1. Seems like these balloons like to wander about a lot more than prior balloons. It’s great to see them after 5 days and still going strong. I’m pleased to see the voltage levels are good.


  2. It’s amazing that two balloons launched approximately the same time from the same location can have such different flight paths.

    73, Don KK9H

    ⚡️ _ . _ _ . _ _ _ _ _ . . . . . ⚡️



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