June 22nd Looking for direction and some speed

Good morning, W9BLN had awaken at 12:08 UTC, 7:08am CDT over Birmingham Alabama at Grid EM63rf. While we were in this low pressure system, we came around nearly where we were yesterday. KB9LM woke at 12:42 UTC, 7:42 am CDT over the Gulf of Mexico Grid EL38. Our balloons and trackers are powered by polycrystalline solar panels. The sun powers the GPS chip and board, and when we’re heard from another Amateur Radio Station our tracker registers the time and our location.

We’re looking at the wind speed at 9,000 meters altitude, and find the general direction our balloons will be travelling today, KB9LM towards Mexico/Texas border and W9BLN following behind. With the wind speed picking up, we should be close to the Pacific Ocean by this evening, (fingers crossed)

This is from Ventusky looking at wind direction from Birmingham Alabama and the Gulf of Mexico as of now. As the day progressees we’ll get a handle on what may change. If you open up the link to Ventusky on our Links to Locate and Track, hover your mouse over the map, you will see the wind speed for that area.

To follow our balloons, please click on Links to Locate and Track at the menu tabs on our website.

73, Cary

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