November 3rd 2022, AA6DY and K9YO

Pico Balloon AA6DY has gone missing, last heard from on November 1st. It’s not uncommon for us to not hear from a balloon for several days, or longer and it’s only been a couple of days. Based on the last NOAA Hysplit Model, AA6DY would be waking up today over eastern China, near Shanghai. For now we’re calling AA6DY Missing in Action.

K9YO received it’s first signal on November 2nd at 23:48 UTC at Grid QN12 near Hiroo, Japan. Our 1st receving station was from Hisami, 7L4IOU, 796 Km from our balloon. Hisami is an NIBBB Follower. We’d like to thank all the receiving stations for tracking our balloons, we like to say here at the NIBBB, to be successful, it takes a Village.

Thanking these stations for finding us;


K9YO first 6 Grid Maidenhead came in on November 3rd at 00:40 UTC Grid QN22GP, Southeast of Kushiro, Japan, flying at an altitude of 12,600 meters, 41,328 feet.

K9YO at Grid QN22GP November 3rd, 00:40 UTC Southeast of Kushiro, Japan, Altitude 41,328 feet

Based on the NOAA Hysplit Model, we believe K9YO will be over Wisconsin in the United States by November 6th 2022 and ready for the 2nd Circumnavigation around the World.

Please visit our Locate and Track page for tracking our balloons.

One thought on “November 3rd 2022, AA6DY and K9YO

  1. I see that K9YO has moved farther east and is now in the western Pacific. I’m confident that AA6DY will reappear once it floats over a more populated area.


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