November 2nd 2022, AA6DY and K9YO

We are still waiting to hear from AA6DY, last know location yesterday over Egypt. We’ll be looking for AA6DY to wake near India later this evening. I updated the NOAA Hysplit model viewable for today on our Locate and Track page.

K9YO reported at 04:18 UTC at Grid ON12LK bordering Mongolia and China flying at an altitude of 12.600 meters, 41,328 feet. Based on the NOAA Hysplit Model, we are expecting K9YO to reach near Alaska on November 5th as shown on our Locate and Track page.

As of November 1st, AA6DY has flown for 58 days, and 17 hours on the 3rd lap around the world. As of November 2nd, K9YO has flown for 22 days and 12 hours on the 2nd lap around the world.

If you’re receiving this by email, please visit our home page with header for the Sodehub view of AA6DY-15 and K9YO-15 Balloons flying with other Pico Balloons around the world

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