K9YO Launched October 10th 2022, 18:00 UTC 2pm CDT

Ken Daniel, K9YO one of our newest members of the NIBBB has launched his Pico Balloon. The launch was from Independence Grove in Libertyville, Illinois. K9YO launched at 18:00 UTC, received the first signal at 19:48 UTC and continued with the 1st packet on the 8’s and the 2nd packet on the 0’s until going to sleep at 21:00 UTC at Grid EN62EI

K9YO asleep at Grid EN62ei at 21:00 UTC October 10th 2022

Ken is using his low tech, Arduino based tracker, a 6 solar panel package, each cell is 1″x1-1/2″ The total payload weight is 16.4 grams with an additional free lift of 7.5 grams. Ken is flying the silver 32″ Sphere, SAG balloon from Balloons Online using Helium Gas.

Information on where to purchase these different balloons can be found on our Technical/Getting Started Tab.

K9YO woke at Grid FM49JI at 12:38 UTC, 7:38 am CDT. The altitude is now 12,240 meters 40,147 feet

We are tracking K9YO and AA6DY on our Links to Locate and Track tab at the top of our website, or go here Locate and Track

K9YO at Grid FM49LL at 13:28 UTC

Congratulations to Ken, K9YO on this successful launch. Ken’s last Pico Balloon had flown for 60 days. We’ll be following and writing about AA6DY and K9YO here at NIBBB. Also we’re waiting on our new Data for winter travel before launching our Kids Pico Balloons, more to follow.

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