October 10th 2022, 21:42 UTC Grid QL54XB, 37 days and 8 hours of flight.

AA6DY woke at 21:42 UTC, 4:42 pm CDT at Grid QL54XB close to our predicted wakeup Grid. We received both packets 21:42 and 21:44 UTC and at 21:52 and 21:54 UTC from Hisami, 7L4IOU. We had different readings in altitude, which would be considered a record for us. 21:44 UTC came in 14,600 meters and 21:54 came in at 14,480 meters. Our 2nd packet gives us a more accurate 6 grid Maidenhead of 15 square miles of our location and the actual altitude in meters.

We received a first time spot from Sumio, JA5FFO at 22:22, thank you Sumio for receiving our balloon. QRZ doesn’t show an email for Sumio, if you’re seeing our post, please send me an email to be added as a follower, at “Contact Us” above or through QRZ , Cary KD9ITO. Also received from BM2KVV Taiwan. Followers receive posts when published.

Looks like we’re getting a wider audience and now back to an altitude of 14,600 meters.

QL54XB at 21:42 UTC 14,600 meters 47,888 feet

I decided to run two NOAA Hysplit models for 48 hours and 84 hours which show our general direction moving southeast towards Australia. I’ll run another one later this evening, (This afternoon for our spotters)

We’re moving slowly, if we continue in this direction, well find a faster Jetstream that will take us over South America….

Our Locate and Track tab is now updating for APRS, Ventusky for Jetstream, Sondehub for tracking Pico Balloons around the world (including AA6DY) and our NOAA Hysplit for 48 hours.

One thought on “October 10th 2022, 21:42 UTC Grid QL54XB, 37 days and 8 hours of flight.

  1. It would be fun to have AA6DY travel south of the equator and then cross South America. We could add a new hemisphere and content to its travels.


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