October 5th 2022, 22:22 UTC, Grid QM13, Southeast of Yokohama, Japan

AA6DY woke at Grid QM13 at 22:22 UTC, 5:22pm CDT. We received our 2nd packet at 22:54 giving us a 6 Grid Maidenhead of QM13WM and an altitude of 14,240 meters, 46,707 feet.

Our actual total flight time is 32 days, 9 hours and 32 minutes, having launched on September 3rd 2022 at 13:30 UTC.

We are near where we were yesterday, moving northeast. Below is the Gridmap for our current location and the NOAA Hysplit Trajectory over 84 hours from October 5th thru October 9th, which I will continue to update.

Grid QM13WM 22:54 UTC

To follow where we are and where we are going we use the site Ventusky, which tracks the Jetstream at our location and altitude. From the above NOAA model, you’ll notice a change in direction on October 9th, this is based on the expected weather pattern over the coming days.

Ventusky is updated on our Links to Locate and Track tab, but also here Ventusky Oct 5th 21:00 UTC on this site you can zoom in and out, change the calendar date at the bottom left hand corner and follow where we may be going in the coming days. We use Ventusky in planning all our launches.

Our Links to Locate and Track tab is now updating all information including APRS, Following other Pico Balloons around the world, Ventusky and NOAA Hysplit. Please enjoy.

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