October 4th 2022, Day 33, 22:22 UTC, South of Yokohama, Japan.

AA6DY woke at Grid PM90RI at 22:22 UTC, 5:22pm CDT, just south of Yokohama and north of the Ogasawara Islands of Japan. Our altitude is 14,420 meters, 47,298 feet.

Grid PM90RI, Between Yokohama and Ogasawara Islands of Japan

The NOAA Hysplit below shows us heading northeast over the next 48 hours. The Ventusky Jetstream shows us staying in the same area for the rest of this evening. I’ll update the Hysplit later this evening, to see if it changes.

Our Links to Locte and Track tab is now updating for APRS, Tracking Pico Balloons around the world (including AA6DY), Ventusky for Jetstream and NOAA Hysplit.

We’d like to thank all those who are following our balloon, and a special call out to our new followers, from Japan who have been tracking us and reporting back to me by email. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing you’re out there and reaching us.

We’re working on updating our Getting Started and Technical page so others can do what we do. This is a work in progress, hope you can take a look and comment Getting Started/Technical page

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