September 28th 2022, Day 26, Lap 2, North Altlantic Ocean,

AA6DY woke at 9:22 UTC, 4:22 am CDT at Grid HM71om over the North Atlantic Ocean, west of Marrakesh, Morocco. Our wake altitude was 14,120 meters or 46,300 feet. Our general direction is northeast, then east towards Morocco.

Below are three images, 1) Grid Map of our location on wakeup, 2) NOAA Hyslit Trajectory model by altitude and time for 48 hours and 3) Amateur.Sondehub our current location and projected direction with a wide variety of possible altitudes, through October 1st. The orange color is our altitude

Septeber 28th 2022 at Grid HM71OM, at 46,300 feet altitude heading east
NOAA Hysplit Model September 28th through September 30th, 48 hours
From Amateur.Sondehub, our projected path by altitude through October 1st 2022

By the time of this writing we have a new reading at 12:22 UTC, Grid HM82RT at 14,180 meters, 46,500 feet in altitude. We expect minor changes in altitude throught the day.

The Links to Locate and Track tab have been updated for today showing Ventusky Jetstream, NOAA Hysplit, and Sondehub and will be updated throughout the day.

One thought on “September 28th 2022, Day 26, Lap 2, North Altlantic Ocean,

  1. I really like the sites banner graphic with parallel routes for our second lap. I’m hoping it will become a red blur after we add more trips around the world. Nice that we are taking a different route. Heading toward Morocco and Northern Africa.


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