September 27th, Day 25, lap 2, North Altlantic Ocean

AA6DY woke at 10:42 UTC, 5:42 am CDT in the same general area where we went to sleep at Grid HM02BO. Our altitude is 14,000 meters or 45,920 feet. Our general direction will be southeast then east towards Casablanca, Morocco. We were in a lull yesterday, but will be picking up some speed today and tomorrow.

Grid HM02BO at 10:42 UTC,

A feature of Sondehub is to track the projected path by altitude called Float. Going to our Links to Locate and Track tab, clicking on tracking Pico Balloons around the World, on the left side click our balloon AA6DY-15, then the float tab. The different colors represent different altitudes and are still pointing to the general direction of Morocco. In Sondehub you can search for a specific balloon, upper left hand corner in the search box type AA6DY-15.

Sondehub Float Projections for AA6DY-15

Our Links to Locate and Track tab has been updated for Ventusky Jetstream, NOAA Trajectory, Sondehub and I’ll update this link throughout the day.

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