September 19th, day 17, Northeast of Midway Atoll

AA6DY woke at 19:12 UTC, 2:12 pm CDT at Grid AL49GA, our altitude is 14,240 meters or 46,700 feet. Our general heading is northeast, though we may be traveling around Hawaii over the next 84 hours.

AA6DY Northeast of Midway Atoll at Grid AL49GA 19:12 UTC
Ventusky Jetstream, Left side is Midway Atoll Jetstream 16 mph, Hawaii is south east of our current location.

We’ll be watching our balloon as we travel near Hawaii. Will AA6DY be heading to Los Angeles or another trip around Hawaii? Our Links to Locate and Track have been updated. Find our location on, other Pico Balloon locations on Sondehub, the 84 hour NOAA Hysplit model and the Jetstream on Ventusky. On the lower left hand corner of the Ventusky link, you can change the calendar date and scroll the time to look at what lies ahead.

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