September 18th, day 16, North Pacific

AA6DY woke at Grid AL18BO at 19:32 UTC, 2:32 PM CDT at 14,160 meters or 46,400 feet in altitude. We’ve been receiving both packets during this leg of our trip but from only 3 reporting stations, two in California and one in Australia. Our visitors to our website find us by looking up the balloon we’re flying. Today we had visitors from Spain and yesterday from Germany and Japan.

It’s hard to get a reference where we are, as we’ve been hanging out over the North Pacific Ocean for a while. From the image below, we woke up just northwest of Midway Atoll with Hawaii southeast of us at the bottom right of the image.

Grid AL18BO 19:32 UTC just Northwest of Midway Atoll

At the time of this writing, we are directly over Midway Atoll at 21:52 UTC. I like to give updates to our projected direction based on current altitude. For the rest of this evening and overnight we are expected to travel in a southeast direction. Around wakeup tomorrow, we’re expected to be traveling northeast at our same altitude, from the NOAA Hysplit Trajectory model below.

September 19th and Septmeber 20th, NOAA Hysplit Trajectory model

The Links to Locate and Track tab Locate and Track has been updated with current Jetstream, tracking Pico Balloons around the World and our tracking via APRS. Clicking on the Ventusky Jetstream will show that we may be headed to Los Angeles, I’ll be updating that information daily.

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