September 16th day 14, North Pacific Ocean

AA6DY woke at Grid RM64 at 20:12 UTC 3:12pm CDT. We’re still waiting for the 2nd packet. With just the 1st packet we have the 4 Grid Maidenhead and the power of 47dBm which gives us at least 14,100 meters over 46,000 feet. As we’re heading east, our wakeup will be coming earlier tomorrow.

I’d like to put a shout out to the members in attendance at the W9DXCC Convention in Naperville, Illinois who were in attendance for our Pico Balloon presentation by Michael Seedman, AA6DY whose balloon we’re flying.

We’re receiving two Amateur Radio Stations that are giving us our 4 Grid Maidenhead, 1st AI6VN/G Robert from Half Moon Bay California who also has a home in Maui is reaching us 3,228 km or 2,074 miles from our balloon and VK4CT a station from Australia 7,169 Km or 4,455 miles from our balloon at 10mW.

We do have a change on our NOAA Hysplit Model at 14,100 meters, over a 48 hour period showing us heading east and maintaining altitude, I’ll continue to monitor this when we get our 2nd packet.

Our Links to Locate and Track Tab have been updated with today’s information.

As we celebrated Michael’s Birthday last week on day 7, I’m happy to be celebrating my Birthday today on day 14.

73, Cary KD9ITO

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