September 15th 2022, Day 13 AA6DY

AA6DY woke at 21:12 UTC, 4:12 pm CDT at Grid RM00LQ over the North Pacific Ocean Between Japan and Midway Atoll at 14,240 meters, 46,700 feet. We’re not receiving many spots at this time, but are happy that we have received both packets.

Below is the NOAA Hysplit Trajectory 48 hour Model shows us heading east then south between Midway Atoll and Wake Island west of Hawaii and maintaining our current altitude.

NOAA Hysplit Trajectory 48 hour Model

The best place to track our balloon is at WSPR Spots for the 4 Grid Maidenhead, and power level which shows our altitude, currently 47dBm (multiply power x 300= 14,100 meters) our 2nd packet would give us an additional altitude currently 7dBm (mutiply power x 20= 140 meters) 14,240 meters x 3.28 = 46,707 feet.

We should be hearing from our balloon around 4pm tomorrow. Click on the WSPR Spots link above to get the Grid, and click on the Links to Locate and Track tab on our website to find a Maidenhead Grid map. The Ventusky Jetstream link is also updated to see where we may be headed.

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