September 11th, day Nine, AA6DY near Caspian Sea

AA6DY woke at Grid LN35PA near the Caspian Sean at 5:04 UTC 12:04am CDT at 13,780 meters. This area is southwest of Astrakhan, and east of Artezian, Russia. Yesterday, AA6DY went to sleep near the Romania/Moldova borders. Though we’re not getting regular reports at this leg of our trip, we did receive a 4 Grid Maidenhead at 12:12 UTC of LN82 The images are below.

From Romania/Moldova Border East of Artezian, Russia bordering Caspian Sea
Asleep 12:12 UTC at Grid LN82 just west of Uzbekistan east of the Caspian Sea
NOAA Hysplit for Sept 12th and Sept 13th from Grid LN35PA

The Links to Locate and Track tab have been updated with the Jestream for tomorrow, we’ll wait for tomorrw to get the more current location and altitude.

The way we’re traveling, I’m expecting wakeup around 11:00 pm CDT this evening.

One thought on “September 11th, day Nine, AA6DY near Caspian Sea

  1. It’s inspiring to see another great day for our balloon. Our altitude is steady, above 45,000 ft., close to our ideal altitude. It looks like stretching the balloon, makes a difference. Can’t wait to see where we end up this evening.


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