September 10th, day Eight, AA6DY, Bosnia and Herzegovina 6:52 UTC

AA6DY woke at 6:52 UTC, 1:52 am CDT at Grid JN84rc near Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina at 13,850 meters just over 45,000 feet.

Yesterday we went to sleep off the coast of France, woke up today over Bosnia Herzegovina and are now over Romania at 12:42 UTC. With the Sun at 40 degrees, we still have some sunlight left.

Below is today’s Jestream over Romania

At 11:22 UTC we are near Targa Mures, Romania traveling at 90 mph.

Our Links to Locate and Track tab have been updated for tomorrow’s Jestream, to track aa6dy in flight click the AA6DY tab. The NOAA Hysplit model has been updated for September 11th and 12th with some wild swings in altitude on September 12th. We’ll update NOAA tomorrow.

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