September 8th Day six, AA6DY

AA6DY woke at Grid HN48ph at 9:52 UTC, 4:52 am CDT over the North Atlantic Ocean at an altitude of 13,910 meters. Danielle is now a Tropical Storm with sustained winds at only 70 mph and traveling at 14 mph.

Grid HN48ph at 9:52 UTC

The real good news is that we’re now in a faster Jetstream and will be flying towards land. The three images below, 1) Ventusky Jetstream showing easterly direction at 80 mph and higher towards France. 2) showing cloud tops at 9Km starting September 10th at 5 am over France. 3) NOAA Hysplit Trajectory Model showing our balloon’s direction over 48 hours at 13.9Km Jetstream from September 9th 2022 81 mph towards France
From showing Cloud Tops at 10Km over France September 10th 5am
48 hours NOAA Hysplit Model

The Links to Locate and Track tab has been updated for tomorrow’s Jetstream on Ventusky. for AA6DY will updated throughout the day and HabHub will show other balloons around the world, Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “September 8th Day six, AA6DY

  1. It won’t be long before we can close the chapter on our flight around Hurricane Danielle. But another adventure awaits: that HYSPLIT model run projects a drop of greater than a kilometer on the east side of France. Yikes! That’s going to fray the nerves.


  2. Another great day for AA6DY! Looks like we’re on a fast path towards France, having skirted around Danielle. Let’s hope we can keep a stable altitude over France and continue toward central Europe.


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