September 7th Day five AA6DY

AA6DY woke at 10:34 UTC 5:34 am CDT at Grid GN81LB over the North Atlantic Ocean, now at 14,000 meters 45,920 feet traveling northeast at 30 mph. We’re still close to Hurricane Danielle. Noah KD9RDT tells me we need more pictures. In the five images below, 1st is our Grid Location, 2nd is our track on our 5th day launched September 3rd. The 3rd is the Jetstream from Ventusky showing AA6DY just west of Hurricane Danielle. 4th is the projected Hysplit Trajectory by NOAA showing us staying steady at 14,000 meters and our path from Septmeber 7th thru Thursday September 9th over 48 hours. The last image shows the path of Hurricane Danielle becoming a Tropical Storm later on Thursday.

We hope you’ll scroll down to the bottom with a special recognition for today’s flight.

AA6DY at Grid GN81LB 10:34 UTC
Sept 7th 2022 AA6DY is traveling at 30 mph heading Northeast
From Hurricane Danielle in the center, AA6DY just west
NOAA Hysplit porjected path over 48 hours, AA6DY at 41.77 North and 41.88 West on September 7th (Updated by Doug Mulley KD9TPM and Kelsi Mulley KE9LSI 9:35 am)
Hurricane Danielle center at 43 North and 38 West traveling Northeast at 14 mph

We are flying Pico Balloon AA6DY for Michael Seedman, one of our founders of the Northern Illinois Bottlecap Balloon Brigade. As we are also flying near Hurricane Danielle, I’d like to recognize Michael’s daughter Danielle Seedman KD9PAP who is celebrating her birthday today.

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