August 1st 2022 KD9TPM awake at 9:54 UTC 5:54am EDT

Good morning all, now that we’re travelling east, morning comes a little bit earlier. KD9TPM awoke at Grid GN38LH just before 6am Eastern Time. We woke up over Trinity Bay, Newfoundland. An now at 6:42 am just northeast of St. John’s Newfoundland over the North Atlantic Ocean.

We are now 1 day and 22 hours into our flight. Flying at 10,180 meters close to 33,000 feet increasting speed from about 60 miles per hour and heading towards Dublin.

Our links to locate and track have been updated, with Jetstreram and APRS tracking

Pico Balloon KD9TPM is now over the Atlantic Ocean just Northeast of St. John's Newfoundland.  We're heading towards Dublin
KD9TPM Flight, 1 day 22 hours, over the Atlantic Ocean

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