July 31st 2022, KD9TPM 22:32 UTC 5:32pm CDT

From our launch yesterday morning, we are currently tracking KD9TPM. Our last report is at Grid FN49XW, 22:32 UTC North of Quebec City, Canada. Our heading is towards St. Pierre and Miquelon Territory South of Newfoundland. KD9TPM has been tracking close to 10,000 meters around 33,000 feet. We’re happy to be flying again.

For those that are tracking our balloon, I’ve updated our Links to Locate and Track tab on our website with the current tracking information for KD9TPM to help you predict the location. Click on Ventusky, scroll out to see where we’re headed, change the calendar date at the bottom of the page for tomorrow’s Jetstream. We’re between two fast Jetstreams that should be merging tomorrow morning, where it goes from there, I’ll leave it up to you.

Until tomorrow, 73, Cary

Pico Balloon KD9TPM is located North of Quebec City Canada, heading East towards St. Pierre and Miquelon Territory
KD9TPM at Grid FN49xw 22:32 UTC

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