January 16th 2023, KD9UQB, 4th Circumnavigation

Pico Balloon KD9UQB was launched from Neumayer Station III, Grid IB59UI, Antarctica, on November 24th 2022. After 53 days and 1 hour of flight, Pico Balloon KD9UQB made its 4th Circumnavigation around the world.

Pico Balloon KD9UQB had reached Grid ID65LE at 07:32 UTC flying at an altitude of 10,840 meters, 35,566 feet, completing the 4th Circumnavigation around the world.

With several more hours of sunlight and flying north over warmer temperatures. Pico Balloon KD9UQB has been reaching altitudes of 11,100 meters.

The 84 hour NOAA Hysplit Trajectory model and Ventusky shows Pico Balloon KD9UQB traveling in a faster Jetstream arriving south of New Zealand around January 20th 2023.

NOAA Hysplit Model for 84 hours
“Best Guess” Pico Balloon KD9UQB around January 20th 2023, Grid RC54HJ

Our Locate and Track page has been updated for Pico Balloon KD9UQB showing the 84 hour NOAA Trajectory, Ventusky for windspeed and direction, and APRS for current location on the world map. The WSPR Spot Database updates automatically. We are seeing Radio Station KFS reporting at 09:22 UTC from Half Moon Bay, south of San Francisco California, 15,137 Km or 9,406 miles from our balloon.

Also on our Locate and Track page is the Sondehub link showing all Pico Balloons in flight around the world. Below is from Sondehub showing the past 3 day path and forward projected path based on different altitudes.

Sondehub Float showing past 3 day path and forward projection of Pico Balloon KD9UQB

Congratulations to the NIBBB Team, and many thanks to our followers.

73, Cary KD9ITO

One thought on “January 16th 2023, KD9UQB, 4th Circumnavigation

  1. KD9UQB is slow, but sure in its circumnavigation around the world. With Stewart’s email updates it’s even easier to keep track of our balloons progress. It’s gratifying to see what our team can do when we collaborate.
    Congratulation team and let’s keeo going!


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