December 26th 2022, Happy Boxing Day, KD9UQB and 5th Circumnavigation of K9YO

What a great way to celebrate our Holidays.

Pico Balloon KD9UQB was first to report on December 26th at 12:42 UTC after last reporting on December 19th. Pictured below at 13:22 UTC Grid CD10BC at 10,480 meters 34,374 feet, and nearing a 3rd circumnavigation around the world on January 1st 2023.

We are predicting Pico Balloon KD9UQB will be near the Falkland Islands around December 30th 2022

Pico Balloon KD9UQB near the Falkland Islands around December 30th 2022

Pico Balloon K9YO was last heard on December 20th over Russia and believed to be heading towards the North Pole. Pico Balloon K9YO was launched on October 10th 2022 from Independence Grove Forest Preserve in Libertyville, Illinois. Now after 76 days and 23 hours of flight, Pico Balloon K9YO has made the Fifth Cicumnavigation around the world.

Our first report of Pico Balloon K9YO came from our WSPR Spot Database on December 26th at 15:48 UTC at Grid EN78 near Dubreuilville, Ontario Canada. Pico Balloon K9YO is flying at an altitude of 12,180 meters, 39,950 feet.

Pico Balloon K9YO Fifth Circumnavigation December 26th 2022, altitude 39,950 feet

Best Guess for Pico Balloon K9YO on December 30th 2022, Grid KQ51DH

Best Guess, Pico Balloon K9YO, December 30th 2022, Grid KQ51DH

Our Locate and Track page is now updated for Pico Balloons KD9UQB and K9YO for APRS, Sondehub, 84 hour NOAA Hysplit Model, WSPR Spot Database and Ventusky for tracking wind speed and direction. The WSPR Spot Database provides realtime tracking of all our balloons.

73, Cary KD9ITO

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