October 28th 2022, K9YO and AA6DY

Both our balloons reported today.

Our software code allows our trackers to send out a signal twice during a 10 minute period after receiving GPS information. If all the information is correct the packets will be sent. AA6DY sends and receives a transmission on the 2’s and 4’s and K9YO sends and receives a transmission on the 8’s on 0’s. Each of these transmissions provide parts of the pieces that we need to track our balloons.

When our packets are received by Amatuer Radio stations we are able to determine our location and altitude which allows us to then track our direction and speed. Sometimes it takes a little more work on our part to determine if the 2nd packet actually belongs to us. If we receive regular 1st and 2nd packets it makes it easier determining our girdsquare. Sometimes it can take hours or days between tranmissions received.

AA6DY first received a 2nd packet at 10:34 UTC giving us a 6 Grid Maidehead of GK82BK. It wasn’t until 11:32 UTC that we received a 4 Grid MH of GK82 which told us the 2nd packet was ours. We only received 3 more 1st packets during this reporting period. Sometimes our tracker needs to be reset which only happens when the sun goes down and rises which turns off and on the tracker. This is like using Ctrl, Alt and Delete to reset a computer, but done automatically. We’re hoping tomorrow we can receive more regular packets. We have made our predictions based on the transmissions received and will update again tomorrow.

K9YO woke at 10:28 UTC at Grid IO43TV near Camport, Ireland flying at an altitude of 12,420 meters, 40,738 feet. We are now projecting that K9YO will make a northeasterly track along Russia, near the Barrents Sea by November 1st.

K9YO awake at 10:28 UTC, Grid IO43TV, altitude 40,738 feet

AA6DY woke at 10:34 UTC at Grid GK82BK near northeast of French Guiana, of the northeast coast of South America. AA6DY is flying at an altitude of 14,360 meters, 47,100 feet. AA6DY will be heading east, northeast towards Egypt by November 1st.

AA6DY awake at 10:34 UTC at Grid GK82BK, altitude 47,100 feet.

K9YO and AA6DY tracking information with NOAA Hysplit model for 84 hours, Ventusky for wind direction and speed, maps of last locations and projected location on November 1st, and Sondehub for tracking Pico Balloons around the world can be found on our Locate and Track page

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